Booking Rates

Many of our customers think that our vehicles are too expensive. That is until they speak to our staff! We challenge our competition by offering the highest quality transportation without the high cost of rental. This way, we're able to carry out a lot of business for a cost that you are sure to enjoy. We pass our profit along to our customers which allows us to give top of the line vehicles with a great price tag. We base our pricing on a variety of distinct variables, and each price is personalized to your individual trip, so you'll never have to shell out more than you should.

You'll find that our prices are within the industry standard for the St. Paul area. The date of service, number of people, and number of hours are a few of the variables that have a factor in the price. We should let you know that prices do increase during peak times. If you are trying to save money, we propose shying away from these peak times as well as splitting up the price amongst all of the passengers. The peak times generally fall around the spring and summer months, as well as weekends.

Make sure to call us when you are ready to book your vehicle! The telephones are ready nonstop and we are ready to assist you with anything you need. The only details that we needs are how many people will need transportation, the date that you need a party bus or limo, and a general itinerary of where you'd like to go. This makes so that our price is individually customized to your individual needs. The quote that you receive encompasses all and includes drivers' gratuity and fuel price St. Paul Party Bus likes to think that our prices are the fairest in St. Paul and we make an effort to be fully transparent for our clients!

For Accurate Quotes:

  • How many People are coming?

  • What date and time is the event?

  • Where will you be picked up?

  • How long will you need us for?

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